Home Remedies for Headache !

 Home Remedies for Headache: Headache will go away in minutes, follow these 7 home remedies, use this way .

Headache home remedies: It is common to have headache in winter. But the whole routine gets disturbed by the headache. Many people take medicines to get rid of this problem. But some people consider it more important to get rid of headache even by adopting easy home remedies.

Instant home remedies for headache : Headache is a very common problem and every third person suffers from headache at some point in winter. But sometimes it is so fast that it becomes very difficult to tolerate it. Well, there are many types of medicines available in the market, which can give you relief in headache. But taking too much medicine can prove to be injurious to health.

In such a situation, it is important that you try home remedies to get rid of headache. With this your headache will also go away and you will not have any side effect. Today we are telling you some such home remedies, by adopting which you can remove your headache in a few minutes. Truth be told, these remedies are so easy that you can try them while working in your office and you can drive away the headache.

Try these home remedies for headache. Home remedies for head pain in hindi:-

Acupressure is a panacea for headache

If you often get a headache in winter, then you can use acupressure to relieve headache. In case of headache, bring both your palms towards the front. After this, lightly massage the space between the thumb and index finger of the other hand with one hand. Repeat this process in both hands for 2 to 4 minutes. By doing this you will get instant relief in headache.

Drink warm water mixed with lemon juice

If you are out somewhere and you cannot try any home remedy there for headache, then you can try this quick recipe. All you have to do in this is to take hot water in a glass and drink it after adding lemon juice. Then you will see how quickly you get relief from headache. Sometimes, due to the formation of gas in the stomach, headache also starts. Even in that situation, this home remedy is considered very effective.

Eat apple with salt

If even after many efforts, your headache is not taking the name of going, then cut 1 apple and eat it after adding salt. This is a very effective remedy to get relief in headache.

Clove will cure headache

Heat a few cloves of cloves on a tawa. Tie these hot clove buds in a handkerchief. Keep smelling this bundle after sometime. You will find that the headache gradually subsides.

Drink Basil and Ginger Juice

The use of basil and ginger is also effective in getting rid of headache. For this, extract the juice of basil leaves and then extract the juice of ginger and mix it. After that apply it well on the forehead. If you want, this juice can also be given to a person suffering from headache. It gives great relief in headache.

Massage with clove oil

Clove is also used to relieve headache. Clove contains properties to eliminate pain. Massaging the forehead with clove oil will give you relief from headache in a few minutes.
drink lemon tea

Drinking lemon mixed with tea can also relieve headache. For this, squeeze lemon in tea and drink it.


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